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Educationists over the years have strived to attain diverse objectives…those of knowledge, mental & physical proficiency, cultural & social development & above all – holistic growth. The philosophy of early childhood education that provides the foundation for Kindergarten programs at Kidz Castle rests on Multiple Intelligence(s) platform & is derived primarily from the ideas of Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA. Individual differences; a term very commonly used in education, implies that no two children are the same, they differ from each other in terms of interests, abilities and aptitude.

Theory of multiple intelligences stresses on the importance of these individual differences and suggests eight different ways that people have of perceiving and understanding the world. Each of these intelligences is significant for Teaching-Learning.

Drawing from Gardner’s work, we at Kidz Castle believe in empowering our teachers to observe and discover each individual student’s dominant intelligence, provide differing analogies, examples and approaches that will enhance his/her learning. Moreover, students are encouraged to use their stronger intelligence in understanding a subject which usually uses their weaker intelligence.